Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World championship Oslo2011 (day2)

After a cold night we woke up. During the night there has been 5cm snow more.  We had a nice breakfast and prepared us for this nice day.
The planning was to go to the World championship to see the ski jumping on the Midstubakken ski jumping hill.

We visited the world championship area of Holmenkollen.

We enjoyed the different ice sculptures.

Now the time has come to go support the French team. Today was the qualification for the men, and the final for the women.
This is the Midstubakken jumping hill, a little bit foggy today unfortunately.
One skier is landing on the picture can you see him/her ?

We were equipped like real supporters : The Oslo Holmenkollen 2011 Hat! The Norwegian Flag, and the vuvuzela! essential since the football world cup in south africa.

And we had also....our very beautiful French flag (made by a Norwegian flag, we were lucky the colours are the same :)

And I would say of course...France was in a very good place....

Coline Mattel a 15years old French girl arrived in the third place in the ski jumping ! we where there to encourage and congratulate her ! bravo !

And to finish this article about the world championship I would like to share a little video to show the good atmosphere there was during this ski jumping.

But the world championship is not finished for us, we are going back with the university this weekend to support the skiers ! This time we will have a much bigger flag....(I hope)

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