Friday, March 25, 2011

Cat walk in University of Telemark

Today in The university of Notodden, it was open day! you could enjoy a lot of creations made by the art students, in wood, iron, textile, and at 12h30 you could also enjoy in the gym the cat walk with nice creations made by the students.

The first part of the parade was with own made clothes with no paricular theme. Espacially body parts.

And after came the original creations with a lot of fun and imagination.The creation i have most appreciated is i think this one: the skirt with written on it lyrics of life, and when she pulls on the cord, the skirt opens and........

....TADAM !!! wonderfull !

Of course all the creations were nice, but i can not put everything on my blog, so i will show some few...

This is the hood when it's opened.

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