Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last lesson of Snowboarding!

On Friday we were again in Kongsberg skicenter for our last lesson of snowboarding. In the morning we had some snow, but the weather fast get better, and we had a warm sun all the day!
After one descent, our snowboarding skill were back! time to learn new things.

We learned again to do carving (be on the edge).
The sensations are very nice, and you take a lot of speed!

After we learned to jump, unfortunately I have no pictures of it, but most of us did a 180°, in my opinion it's much easier than with skis :).
In The afternoon we went of tracks to enjoy the deep snow!
It's much more difficult to turn in the deep snow than on the tracks, and when you fall, it's quite hard to get up again !

This is how the snow looked like before we snowboarded on it....

....And this is it after several passages !
Yes we where a lot of students :-)

Now the snowboarding lessons are finished, we enjoyed it very much!
Thank you Runar for the good teaching :-)

Enjoy the two video of our progression: Me


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