Monday, March 7, 2011

Wolrd championship weekend

Like I said before, this weekend we were with the university in Oslo, for the world champion ship. We arrived Saturday for the 30km woman in cross country skiing.
We where of course there to support our countries, we supported France with our nice flags !
There was a lot of people every where ! it was amazing! On Saturday there was 100 000 persons around the tracks and on Sunday even a little bit more.

When the race was finished, and Norway has won, we had to find a place where to put on all our tents...that was not so easy, we heard after that there where about 13 000 persons spending the night on Saterday to Sunday in a tent around the tracks...more than 3000 tents !

After a while we found a free area in the middle of the forest where we decided to put on our camp.
Some of us had chosen a lavo (tipi) to sleep in, others in tents, and few other decided to sleep in on the snow.

After have set up all our camp, some of us had some tickets to see the ski jumping in Holmenkollen, where a the record was broken: 141.5 meters jumped by an Austrian.

In the evening we had a nice fire, with all of us around it, the evening was quite cold!
We are now real Norwegians, most of us ate sausages put on a stick, other made pasta by melting snow.
And as desert bananas with chocolate :)

 After lunch some students had for task to present us the history of ski jumping, of holmenkollen...
We heard in the forest a lot of music, fireworks, and songs of drunken people, it was like if you camp at a festival.

Our tent with the French, and Norwegian flags:

The next morning the 50km race of men started at 1pm, but early in the morning the supporters where already along the tracks! We finally found a nice place, laying in the sun, with view on a big screen, and also on a little part of the track.
When the athletes came around, we went to the tracks to support them! the French team was very good until the 30km, all the time in the first places, but after, they where I think a little bit tired, and finished around the 20th places...

On the following video you can see how many people are there, and this is not the end stadium where most of the supporters are, it's just one place around the track where there was a big screen! All around the 10km tracks there where persons supporting the skiers!
"I have never seen as many flags of a country" told me one Erasmus student, I agreed, it was amazing, people in red, with red flags, and little flags on their clothes (hats) and also painted on their faces! it was amazing !!

On this video you can see the 30km lady with in first place Marit Bjoergen, she finished 2nd after Johaug Therese another Norwegian.

On this video (under) you can see the view we had from our nice place on sunday for the 5km men. (it really looks like the when I went in France to Support the Tour de France. 

And on the last video you can see the man race, the skiers with a blue and white (spider) combination are the French team!

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