Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ice Sculpture in HIT

I told you last week  that we had a ice sculpture day organized by some Erasmus students and with money from the Fomi. I am going to tell you more about it. First were made different different boxes of snow and water.

Then we had to choose a bloc where to do the ice sculpture, and we started sculpting with different tools...

It was a very nice and sunny day with music, refreshment and a delicious goulash soup (thanks to Adam)

After a good refreshment we could go and work again on our nice snow sculptures, at the end, that's how its looked like:
The toilets and the sea shell

The seat.

The Aztec sculpture:

Our climber:

This has to melt away:
ignorance, fear, oppression...

And the last one: the bottle of coca-cola:

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