Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip to Dovrefjell

During this last week, like I told you before on the blog, Mathilde and I went to Dovrefjell. Dovrefjell is a moutain area bewteen Dombas and Oppdal. (see on the map)

We choose this area to ski, but also because of some particularities... Dovrefjell is the only place in Europe where you can see the last genetically pure wild reindeer population. In 2003 There where about 1800 reindeer in this area, so we have some chance to see some ! The other reason which was the main reason was because you can also find in this area Musk Oxen which have been reintroduced some 50 years ago, now there are about 135 Musk Oxen. We where really looking forward to see some.
We took the train from Notodden to Kongsvoll.

We skied up from the train station Kongsvoll to the plateau, where we had a nice view on the Snohetta (2286moh), it's the highest moutain outside the Jotunheimen area.

After about one hour skiing on the plateau we saw on the white snow some dark spots. we went in their direction, were we going to be lucky and find from the first day some musk ox ? or maybe just some stones without snow because of the hard wind there is in Dovrefjell....

When we came close, it really looked like if it where not stones, but some animals...

Here they are !!! we are very lucky !!
They say that they can be aggressive, and unpredictable, that's why you need to keep a distance of about 200m...
Of course we didn't that's the range for those who have a very good camera. We came 100m , 90m...hum some few more ?... we stoped at around 60m from them to take this nice pictures for you !

After this nice break and 30 pictures later, we took our skis again to reach Reinheim cabin at about 8km from where we were at this moment.

Again some hours later, we could see in this snow desert some dark spots....again some musk Ox ?
no not this time, it's Reinheim cabin.

At the end of this big wide white valley (hard to say) we finally reached the cabin where we were going to spend the night.

....To be continued.....

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