Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice fishing in Krotjevann

Last week we went with the children from lislherad school to a cross country ice fishing trip. When  we went to the lake by cross country skis, the snow was very bad, so some of us had some difficulties to go up...or down..

When we arrived at the lake after one hour an half of extreme cross country skiing, we were divided into four groups, the aim was to catch has many fish as possible... I was in the Yellow group, we started quite well because a girl caught the first nice perch, and I got the second one!! there is fish in this lake, it's the same lake where I came with my friends before, we fished during some hours without catching anything and now after few minutes a nice perch !

After some more minutes the green group had one fish, then two, three, and they took the first place with 8 perch !
We cooked them and had a nice taste.

At the half of the day it started snowing, so there was more people around the fire than fishing, but we had a nice time.
We put our bag packs on our back and went down, the new snow made the down hill much easier, so we came back all safe to home sweet home!

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