Sunday, March 27, 2011

waffle time !!

On Thursday like you know we usually have the traditional coffee hour, with nice waffles and warm drinks...Last week on we had the epic waffle hour, the idea was a big event, with a lot of waffles! 

The FOMI sponsored this event again! thanks to Fomi and organisators, we could have a lot of stuff to make waffles and a lot of things to put on. 

It started first with 25 minutes of baking waffles we were divided into 7 teams, and the aim was to bake the more waffles you could.  

And during this 25 minutes, at the end, they asked us to bake one beautiful and one tasty waffle, we had 5 minutes for it. 
This is how the beautiful waffle looked like....
Some are also funny :-)

And this is how all the waffles looked like the beautiful and the tasty one.

Because it was a serious competition, we had serious judges! they were two: the chief of the cantina, and the erasmus coordinator. they had to give a mark from 1 to 7 for the beauty, and for the taste. 

This is our winning team :-) 

When the waffles were made, the second part of the competition could start, with first by team, we had to eat without hands 3 waffles. 
(look at the video)

And the final task was to eat the most waffles you could, first in 1 minute, and after because it was too 4 minutes.

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