Sunday, February 27, 2011

World championship Oslo2011 (day1)

To finish the nice week we had with my friends in Norway we decided to go to visit Oslo and also go to Holmenkollen to see the world skiing championship. On Thursday we rent a car and went to Oslo to visit and to enjoy the medal ceremony in town.
We started to visit the fortress and the city hall.

Then we went like all good tourist to Vigeland park where my friends gave their coat to a cold girl.

Then we moved to the centre where the medal ceremony would take place. We enjoyed all the nice ice sculptures.

And we finished the evening with the medal ceremony where we enjoyed the music in live of Madcon. We also saw the winner of the cross country skiing course for the woman: the norwegian Marit Bjoergen.

After it was time to find a place where to sleep, we went by car toward the camping Bogstad, and we drove a little bit further near of a big lake where we found a nice parking lot where we could set up our tent. be continued....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frenchmen enjoying Norwegian outdoor life culture

With my friends from France we decided to organise a real Norwegian 'frilutsilv' (outdoor life) day.
We started from home with our cross country skis. With fresh snow and a warming sun.

True the forest on little tracks.
To the lake of kroktjonn to do some ice fishing.
According to our teachers there must be some fish....

Unfortunately we didn't fish anything we even didn't have any doesn't matter we brought our sausages!
We made a nice fire on the snow and enjoyed the sun.

Vincent enjoyed a lot especially the marshmallows cooked on the fire.

They are not born with skis en there foots, but they did it very well !

When we came back to Tinemyra lake, we could enjoy the ice sculptures made by the Art students of HIT.
Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friends in Notodden (day 1)

This week I had the pleasure to have my good friends from France in Notodden.
We went like all the Erasmus students does when they have visitors: to the Eikeskar top to have a nice view on Notodden and the big lake.

We enjoyed the way to go back by sledging the hill down.

They in the afternoon we went to do some ice skating.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bandy tournament !

Yesterday some Erasmus students organized a Bandy tournament! For those who don't know this sport, it is like ice hockey but less aggressive and you play it with ball and not a pad like in hockey. They told us that it's the fastest sport played on ice.

The athletic field in the summer becomes a big ice skating field during the winter, the entrance is free so you can come and train when you want !
We played for around three hours it was really funny ! thanks a lot to those who organised.

When we where not playing we could go and have some refreshment, there was a barbecue and some drinks.
Here are the three persons without who this wouldn't have been :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

On the way back from school

During the summer and the autumn on the way to school we could see some squirrels, and some deer, during the winter it's the same :-) 

Because we are Now in holidays for one week we had the time to enjoy nature, and not to run down to school to not be late! this semester we are most of the time on time :-).
Today we enjoyed the beautiful sky. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today started the official first Badminton "lesson" at the university!
It will be every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm after the volleyball.

All levels are welcome, from the professional to the totally beginner.

So feel free to join, you are more than welcome! it's really nice!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (Third and fourth day !)

The plan for this day was to go for a little ski trip, we could choose between one on the tracks, and another one out of the tracks, I of course choose the last one. We started from Rjukan Fjellstue and we went up on the Hardangervidda (It's a national park, and the biggest highest plateau of Europe. about 6500km2.)

This year there is between 1meter and 4meters snow on the hadangervidda, it's on the west part that there is the most!
The plateau is Treeless, this was the last part where we could find some trees.

On the plateau there are about 10 000 reindeer, but unfortunately we didn't saw them.

That was how it looked like: 19 students with on teacher in the middle of nowhere! we skied for about 3 hours on the plateau without seeing anything expect snow, mountains, and a white rabbit.
   ( ) ( )
 =( °-°)=
  (#)  (#)

On this last picture we where crossing a big lake....according to the map!
It's difficult to explain the feeling, but I think if you go for a few days trip on the hardangervidda, you will really feel alone, into the wild.
(take you map, compass and altimeter, and be sure to know of to use them correctly...if not take a GPS :)

It was really a wonderful day! see by yourself!

The way back from the plateau to Rjukan fjellstue was very funny, in the deep snow all of us felt a least once.

When we came back we had of course again a good meal! and in the morning a good breakfast, the fourth day was a day without skis, I have no picture of that day, but is was also very funny, we had a lot of games in the snow!
Thanks a lot to everyone for this very nice trip. Now it's time to work again with one week of practice in school before the holidays.

Friday, February 11, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (Second day !)

Every morning the day started well, with this very nice breakfast of sweet and salt things.

After have taken some forces, we went outside to start our day. We went by cross country skiing to a area where we where going to have some different games.

We where divided in different groups, one was in charge of building a ski jump, (a big one and a small one), another to build an orgal step, another bumps and hollows  , and the last one a sledge track.

The word is divided in two categories: those who gives the orders and those who, you dig!

It's getting better, you can see the ski jump, the bumps and hallows on the right, and in the back the sledge track.

After lunch, every thing was ready, now it was time to enjoy! seeing someone ski jumping on a picture is not so talkative, I think it's better to see them on videos: the first place was delivered to our competitor out of category: Paolo !

On this one, you can enjoy in the first minutes a nice fall of our teacher Hakon!

On the last video you can see Pau in the orgal step, and after on the sledge track !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (First day !)

From Monday to Thursday we where with all the Erasmus students, and some of the Norwegian students who are studding to become kinder garden 'teachers' for four days of skiing and other games in the snow in Rjukan Fjellstue.
This wide building are the personal rooms with 2 beds.
Another bigger building was the 'Hostel' where we had breakfast and dinner.

During the first day we went to do some activities with our cross country skis. We fell/ jumped into the deep snow,(some of us eat a lot of snow during this 4days). We went down on one ski, with the legs crossed, by 2, in a line, we fell on each was funny!

After lunch we had a lot of other games with our skis, some kind of relay race, the moose game....we had a lot of fun, the snow was really good, and was still falling.

After the games, we went to find some nice hill to do some sledging, with the snow falling, and we falling in the snow we became sorts of human snowman. 

After this day of activation, we had a very good dinner ! With soup, followed by meet with rise and some salad, and a desert.
It was more than we expected like we say in French: "we broke our stomach" which mean that we ate a lot.
(On their faces you can see how happy they are, they have been waiting for this moment all the day ).

We finished this nice day with some magic tricks, playing cards, and watching the videos of the day!