Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip with the university to Blefjell

I just come back from a nice trip to Blefjell with the university, we stayed there for two days, and enjoyed the beautiful sun, and the hard wind.
The ski trip from where the bus to the place where we were going to set up the tent was quite short, we had in the beginning a little up hill, where a lot of us were in trouble with this deep wet snow. And after we had to cross several frozen lakes.

After having crossed three lakes, we arrived at our camp place. where we had a good lunch, and then we started by putting up the tents.

We had a quite lazy afternoon, we enjoyed the sun, we went fishing, and collecting wood, and those who wanted could go on little trip on skis, but because of the wind most of us just layed enjoying the sun.

we had also a monkey sleeping in the three (very uncommon in norway).

We had a nice evening around the fire, with a very good meal made by the cooking group.
And after a little discussion about outdoor life, we went in our warm sleeping bags, protected from the wind, to have a good night. be continued....

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