Saturday, April 16, 2011

Climbing season have started !

The sun is coming out very early, there are no clouds, it's warm, and there is not snow any more, so now, the outdoor climbing season can start! We had our first outdoor climbing lesson with Geir.
After a little warming up, we went to the rocks to have a little session of bouldering.

Geir have showed us different ways of to put our feet on the rock, the way of staying in balance. What is very nice outside is that on this kind of not steep wall it's not at all about strength, has everyone could think, but it's about putting our feet exactly on the good place, being confident, and about balance.

The second part of the lesson was a more free part, where we could choice the boulder we wanted, and we could by couples go and try to reach the top. 

I had of course a very nice time because I love climbing, but the other students told me also that they appreciated a lot :). To finish this nice afternoon Mathilde and I decided to climb the troll stone at the university, the west face, and the south face of the stone. ( on the picture the face in front you can see, and the one on the left)

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