Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip from Bolkesjo to Selsli Cabin

This is a nice trip you can do: you start from bolkesjo (19km from Notodden), and there you start walking for about 4 hours to Selsli Cabin. We started with my mother, my ant, my Girlfriend and I walking with snowshoes in direction of Selsli.

The weather was fine, we could cross the lake, the ice was still strong enough!
While walking we had the pleasure to meet a beaver hut, and they have started working, a lot of trees were on the ground. they did a good job!

We arrived to Selsli cabin before that the sun goes under, so we went to the top at 810 moh. From where you have a very nice view on blefjell, and also on the big frozen lake near Bolkesjo.
Some erasmus will recognize this top, they went there during on of the first trips in of last semester, the without teacher trip.

Tomorrow we are going for a little 2 day trip in blefjell where there is still some snow. We will enjoy.

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