Sunday, April 17, 2011


Like I said, with the nice weather comes the climbing time, so on Thursday we went Mathilde and I to do some bouldering at a place near the university (around 20 minuts of walking). The aera is very nice, it was a little bit difficult to find, because there is another cliff just under, but it was totally wet.
The good bouldering place is just above :)
We started with some easy boulders to warm up.

The cliff is more vertical than the one we where climbing on in the lessons, and also more difficult. The grips are little, and not a lot feet grips. But the cliff is very nice situated with a view on the lake and a good reception area.

We stayed there for five hours, trying and creation boulders, eating, sleeping, enjoying nature.

At around 3:30pm, Jan, Adam, Marie and Greg joined us to climb.
They made a little fire, unfortunatelly we had no saussages, we will organise a barbecue next time :)

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