Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blefjell 2nd day

The 2nd day after a very windy night, i woke up, the sun was up since about one hour, and at my great surprise everyone was still sleeping, even this 4 persons who haven't felt that their roof have fallen on their heads during the night.

Because now i was awake, i wouldn't go back to sleep, i decided to go for a little trip on my own to have a nice view on the lake and all around. I took my skis and went up for half an hour to a little top from where i could look at the camp and see if someone was decided to put his nose outside the warm tent.

I went back to the camp because i saw some movement there. After a nice breakfast in the wind, we went to a learning objectif which i was looking forward to: reading a snow profile. The idea is to find a place where there is enouth snow (in this season), and to cut a part in the snow to read the evetual danger for the risk of avalanche, this method is called the norwegian method or the test of Faarlund. There are of course other tests that you can do, but it was nice to have some more info about it.

After that we had lunch, and because of the extreme hard wind, we decided to go back to the bus, the funny part started, because we didn't have to ski, we could just stay on our skis on the lake, and the wind did the rest. we where back home very fast! When we left the lakes, we came into a very deep and wet snow, where we had some problems to go down.
We all came safe back home after a nice trip, and on the road back we had a lot of tree fallen on the road.

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