Monday, April 4, 2011


The usual sunday walk, or the place where you have to bring your familly when they come to visit you is Eikeskar, a nice top where you have a nice view on notodden town, and on the lake. But after a while you get bored to go always on the same place, so lets discover a new nice peak!

We started from Hogas, to the cross country ski track, and then on the left, up, and after about 500m again on the left! (i hope you will find the top with my very clear explication!). before you arrive on the top you have a very nice view on blefjell, LIfjell, Gaustatoppen, and also on the tower in direction of Kongsberg.

We made of course a nice barbecue in the Norwegian frilutsliv style! then we started again, our long walk to the summit, the snow is really very very wet now and you need snow shoes, we forgot ours...bad luck..
You get really tired when you walk in the snow and you go so deep in it.

We arrived at the top after an hour of fighting against the snow. On the top we where surprised to find this big tower in wood (personnaly i would not try to climb on it).

The spring has arrived in Notodden! the snow is melting very fast, and we could walk in teeshirt. when we went down we fell again some times in the deep snow, and we were happy when we reached the little lake that we had left when we started (near of the biathlon shooting field in hogas) .

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