Monday, January 24, 2011

Trip to Selsli

This weekend we have organized a Cross country skiing trip to Selsli. On the 2 maps we can see the way we took.
We started from Notodden, more precisely from Tynnemira lake until Selsli DNT Cabin, it's a little bit more than 20km and about 600m of vertical drop. You have to count about 5 hours to reach the cabin.
Greg took the lead to give us a good rhythm, we arrived in Darstul after a little bit more than 2 hours.

There our group became bigger, two persons joined us. You can see on the picture the real cross country skiing movements realized by Mathilde....Runar (our cross country teacher) would be proud of you.
Here we are crossing a lake, the ice is big enough, but for the way back we took the way around the lake, the water on the ice scared us.

We reached the cabin at 3a clock pm, after a lot of hours cross country skiing.
On the picture from the left to the right:
Marie, Greg, Christine, I, Mathilde, Kalle. And the picture was taken by Roar who i would like to thanks, not only for the picture, but for the advices of this trip, and his help, so from all our team, Thanks a lot :-)

After a warm night for some of us ( those who slept in the cabin) and a little bit colder one (for those who slept outside) we woke up with a very nice weather, and a warm sun.
On this picture Janko in his snowsleepingroom :-)

Because we had a comfortable night, we decided to reach the top near of Selsli. the sight was wonderful with the nice weather we could see Blefjell, Lifjell, and the Gaustatoppen, and Notodden's lake with the fog over it.

The coming back was quite faster than the way to the cabin, it was most of the time down hill, so the problem was to not fall.
Enjoy this few videos of down hill in cross country skis:

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