Saturday, January 15, 2011

First lesson of Cross country skiing.

For our first lesson of cross country skiing with Runar, we have been to the ski track on the road to bø.
We started first by waxing our skis to avoid sliping when we go up hill.
Except Pau, who is looking around to find someone who can do it for him ;-) joke.

After came the really funny part, some of us had already been on cross country skis, for other it was the first time, and for some of us had never been on skis. So everyone was falling all around, and trying to stand up in the deep snow.

On the pictures you can see Carole-anne on the first, Mads on the second, Nestor, and Mickeal.

We finieshed our lesson by a little race on the track, of course like you see it on the picture Camille with her super flashi purple pant from the years 60 is first !
She was excpected on this first place, nobody had never doubted of her talent, we had already seen her in the orienteering race with this pant, and she was also on the podium.

Alittle bit further is comming the second part not far from the first wave with Nestor padron alonso in first place. It was his first time on skis, but with his gran canarian style he is taking the lead of the second group, I think we can find him on the podium for the final race.


  1. It looks very amusing, but not so easy indeed,in the deep snow.
    I love this blog,it's a very nice one;beautifull photos,comical notes and interesting tips.

  2. I am already convinced by this blog.
    How can I join this school ?
    Is it not a problem that I'm 57 ?
    I can sure you this: I'm very good in falling down in snow, funny pictures guaranteed.

  3. Sure you can join this school :)
    We are waiting for you ! ;)
    57 is the top of the age!
    And I am sure you are still very young in your mind, and you are an athletic person. So you can join the school.
    you are admitted :)