Monday, January 10, 2011

Backcountry skiing in Lifjell area

We have started from lifjell skicenter, up to the arrow, and up again to the north by following the ski track (blue).
The weather was really nice, it was cold and foggy, and there was of course also wind.
I am not a specialist in avalanches, but it looks like it is quite dangerous now to go out of the tracks, the under layer looks really fragile. (If someone knows more about it, or if there is a site talking about it, you are welcome to add it in comments).

So we followed the ski track (blue one on the map) until the lake where the track stopped.
We tried to go further, but like I said, the conditions where not really there.
After a fast lunch, and before our fingers died, we went down, sometimes the visibility was less than 5 meters, so we had to be careful.
Even if we haven't seen a lot, we will come back it looked a nice area.

Thanks to Mathilde, Janko and Zdeno.

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