Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ice fishing

We went with the university to a lake to do some ice fishing. (the place is kept secret because the fishing spots remains secret!). 
We had a quite cold morning it was
 -17°c so we hurried to make a fire to warm up, and after to cook on.

So to practice ice fishing, first you need to be sure the ice is big and strong enough!
Here we had about 70cm of fresh ice so  that was not a problem.
Then you take the 'drill' (on the right of hakon) and you drill a nice hole into the ice, you clean all the snow and you are ready to fish.

This video shows how to's not exactly that way, but it works.

We learned also what kind of fish we have fished, how to clean them and to cook them.

The two first one are Arctic char, and the last one is a perch with a lot of bones.

Advices from a fisherman: 
You can see in the following video in exclusive how to fish Arctic Char.....Enjoy

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