Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tip for a nice Trip !

In  Norway, there are some places, you have to see!
For example the Preikestolen, and the Kjeragbolten.
This both places are around the Lysebotn fjord, so the idea we had because we had no car was to go by hiking from the Preikestolen to the Kjeragbolten...

legend: the black way is where we walked, in red where we slept, in tent or in cabin, and the two greens stars are the preikestolen ( on the left) and the kjeragbolten on the right)
So we arrived in Stavanger by train, then we took the ferry and after the bus to the preikestolen, and we started to walk from there.
It's wonderful, you walk quite all the time with a very nice view on the Lysebotn fjord.

After two days an half, we arrived in Lysebotn a little town at the end of the fjord. We hitchhiked to the eagle nest, its a restaurant at the top of the fjord at the other side, so we avoid the 700meters up.

After walking half and hour from the eagle nest, we set up the tent.
The other day we reached the kjeragbolten, we enjoyed the place, and then we came back to the eagle nest, highhiked again, it worked, and we spend one night in Lysebotn.
Next day we took a cheap ferry (not a tourist one) and we arrived in Stavanger, and took the train back home with a lot of unforgettable memories.....

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