Monday, January 17, 2011

Pizza, Poker evening.

Chirstina had the very good idea to organise a pizza evening. She had made the dough, and everybody could bring something to put on the pizza.
That's how they looked like, they where very good!

During the pizzas where baking, we started playing poker, because we had no chips, and no money we started playing with little peaces of paper....but who wants to win little peaces of paper?

So after thinking few hours, we had an idea!

We started betting some physical proofs (because we are very sportive students :-).
So we bet push-ups, sit-ups, then we started to do them outside...

And we finished putting our face in the snow, our head, our body, juping in the snow, swiming in underwear....
cold evening....
but when do we do that again ? :-) thanks to all for this nice evening !

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