Thursday, February 3, 2011

off tracks cross country skiing

At the last lesson of cross country skiing we had a nice experience to go out of the tracks to feel the deep snow.

Before during this lesson we had also learned how to skate, their are three methods: the simple, double and paddling. The thing was that usually we put some wax under the skis when we go for classic style, but not in skating.
So we where now in the deep snow without wax...and that was very funny!

Like you can see most of us had some close experience with the snow like Mads on the upper picture ;-), and Camille also soon.

On this picture Carole-Anne and Taisa have are trying to stand up in the deep snow witch is sometimes very difficult. The technique is to compact first the snow before pushing on your poles!

But anyway it was again a nice moment in our magical Erasmus life.

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