Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (Third and fourth day !)

The plan for this day was to go for a little ski trip, we could choose between one on the tracks, and another one out of the tracks, I of course choose the last one. We started from Rjukan Fjellstue and we went up on the Hardangervidda (It's a national park, and the biggest highest plateau of Europe. about 6500km2.)

This year there is between 1meter and 4meters snow on the hadangervidda, it's on the west part that there is the most!
The plateau is Treeless, this was the last part where we could find some trees.

On the plateau there are about 10 000 reindeer, but unfortunately we didn't saw them.

That was how it looked like: 19 students with on teacher in the middle of nowhere! we skied for about 3 hours on the plateau without seeing anything expect snow, mountains, and a white rabbit.
   ( ) ( )
 =( °-°)=
  (#)  (#)

On this last picture we where crossing a big lake....according to the map!
It's difficult to explain the feeling, but I think if you go for a few days trip on the hardangervidda, you will really feel alone, into the wild.
(take you map, compass and altimeter, and be sure to know of to use them correctly...if not take a GPS :)

It was really a wonderful day! see by yourself!

The way back from the plateau to Rjukan fjellstue was very funny, in the deep snow all of us felt a least once.

When we came back we had of course again a good meal! and in the morning a good breakfast, the fourth day was a day without skis, I have no picture of that day, but is was also very funny, we had a lot of games in the snow!
Thanks a lot to everyone for this very nice trip. Now it's time to work again with one week of practice in school before the holidays.

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