Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (First day !)

From Monday to Thursday we where with all the Erasmus students, and some of the Norwegian students who are studding to become kinder garden 'teachers' for four days of skiing and other games in the snow in Rjukan Fjellstue.
This wide building are the personal rooms with 2 beds.
Another bigger building was the 'Hostel' where we had breakfast and dinner.

During the first day we went to do some activities with our cross country skis. We fell/ jumped into the deep snow,(some of us eat a lot of snow during this 4days). We went down on one ski, with the legs crossed, by 2, in a line, we fell on each was funny!

After lunch we had a lot of other games with our skis, some kind of relay race, the moose game....we had a lot of fun, the snow was really good, and was still falling.

After the games, we went to find some nice hill to do some sledging, with the snow falling, and we falling in the snow we became sorts of human snowman. 

After this day of activation, we had a very good dinner ! With soup, followed by meet with rise and some salad, and a desert.
It was more than we expected like we say in French: "we broke our stomach" which mean that we ate a lot.
(On their faces you can see how happy they are, they have been waiting for this moment all the day ).

We finished this nice day with some magic tricks, playing cards, and watching the videos of the day!

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