Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frenchmen enjoying Norwegian outdoor life culture

With my friends from France we decided to organise a real Norwegian 'frilutsilv' (outdoor life) day.
We started from home with our cross country skis. With fresh snow and a warming sun.

True the forest on little tracks.
To the lake of kroktjonn to do some ice fishing.
According to our teachers there must be some fish....

Unfortunately we didn't fish anything we even didn't have any doesn't matter we brought our sausages!
We made a nice fire on the snow and enjoyed the sun.

Vincent enjoyed a lot especially the marshmallows cooked on the fire.

They are not born with skis en there foots, but they did it very well !

When we came back to Tinemyra lake, we could enjoy the ice sculptures made by the Art students of HIT.
Enjoy !

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