Friday, February 11, 2011

4 days trip in Rjukan Fjellstue (Second day !)

Every morning the day started well, with this very nice breakfast of sweet and salt things.

After have taken some forces, we went outside to start our day. We went by cross country skiing to a area where we where going to have some different games.

We where divided in different groups, one was in charge of building a ski jump, (a big one and a small one), another to build an orgal step, another bumps and hollows  , and the last one a sledge track.

The word is divided in two categories: those who gives the orders and those who, you dig!

It's getting better, you can see the ski jump, the bumps and hallows on the right, and in the back the sledge track.

After lunch, every thing was ready, now it was time to enjoy! seeing someone ski jumping on a picture is not so talkative, I think it's better to see them on videos: the first place was delivered to our competitor out of category: Paolo !

On this one, you can enjoy in the first minutes a nice fall of our teacher Hakon!

On the last video you can see Pau in the orgal step, and after on the sledge track !

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