Friday, December 3, 2010

Provisions for the winter

How should ervery Erasmus school day look like:
First you wake up at 9, you go to university to cook and eat some very tasty Peperkaker.
On this picture you can see that we are doing it really seriously.

Some students were more inspirated that others...

Then after this session of cooking we had of course to immortalize this moment.
These students are the Erasmus immigration wave of 2010/2011 in Notodden.

We finished our cooking at 11am, we could go home to have a little rest after this hard moments. We wake up at 2pm to go to the cafeteria where a lunch was waiting for us.
It was really delicious! We had some very tasty lamb meat, which wads dried and salted. With it we had some nace marmalade, some potatoes, and mashed cauliflower.
And after we had also a good dessert.

Our stomac was really full, but the day was not finished yet, so after another rest, we met at 7pm at Friduun's House (our very nice Norwegian teacher).
There we ate a delicious fish soup, the best i have ever tasted. It's a very famous soup in Notodden, the 400 liters of it had a lot succes during the Notodden Blues festival.

So thank you all for this nice day ! and a special thanks from all the Erasmus students to Fridunn who invited us!

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