Monday, December 13, 2010

Cross country skiing

On the hills around Notodden, near to hogas you can find a nice cross country track. (on yellow on this map).

The round trip is around 1h30 or 2h depends on how fast you are. From there you have a nice view on Gaustatoppen the higest hill from Telemark: 1883moh, I will present some nice picture later on the blog.
You have also a nice view on Blefjell, (fjell means moutain in Norwegian). Blefjell is a nice moutain area near of Notodden, where i am going on wednesday to do backcountry skiing.
On this picture you can see Blefjell with a nice red sky.

Their are different methods how to do cross country skiing, I know 3 different one:
- the classic version, where you walk with your skis like if you are hikking, but with skis at your feets.
- the skating method, where you skate like in ice skating.
- and the French method, you can see it on the picture...where you walk like a duck.

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