Thursday, December 9, 2010

home country dinner

Thanks to Janko & co (that I would like here to thanks). We have had some financial help from the 'Fomi' to organize some traditional dinners from our home countries.
We started first with the traditional Czech and Slovak dinner. Here Janko presents a famous traditional alcohol: "Tatrati" From the Tatras mountains.

Then on a background music from their country, we had dinner in the teachers cafeteria (thanks to them to have lend it to us).
So here you can see the disciplined
Erasmus students waiting for their turn of soup.
After we ate some meet with some delicious potatoes patties, and to finish a raisins cake.
But it was not just a dinner, they present us their country with a nice power point
 and some videos.

After came the turn of the French dinner, with as menu Tartiflette a traditional meal from the Alps with potatoes, beacon and Roblochon. (that's how it looks like).
Before the dessert, we had also a presentation about France. And we finished this nice evening with some crepes.

Yesterday during the afternoon, we have enjoyed doing some sledge competition, and eating a very tasty soup in a "Lavvo". ( A special thanks to the chef who prepared this delicious soup: Adam & co)
And after we came back to the university to have our last dinner all together...hopefully not. Thanks to all the Spanish people who prepared us also a very good dinner.

As menu we had some traditional soup from the canaries islands, after we enjoyed a spanish salad with potatoes with a nestor's salsa sauce, muy buenos tortillas y para postre naranjas con canela.
And of course we have also travelled trough Spain by their presentation.

Thanks to everyone for this nice moments shared all together...hopefully we can have others next year !
A big kiss for those who are leaving, but you have to come back next year to say hello ! and have other nice moments all together.

To finish this article I would like to salute a world record broken last evening with 31 grapes in her mouth. The precedent record was 24 hold by Flo and me.
Enjoy the performance:

(her identity is kept secret to avoid the media coverage of this event.)

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