Sunday, December 5, 2010

Initiation to Extreme conditions

During this cold winter, with this extreme temperatures for a guy from south France, you can enjoy walk on the lakes, and spend a cold night under the snow...
That were our plans for this weekend...we took our tent, our sleeping bag, and our warm clothes, and   we put every thing in our big backpack. The expedition  could start, we walked not to far from our house (around 2hour of walking) in the event that this night we have to run home because of the cold...

So after two ours of walking in the snow, we put our tent near of what was supposed to be a lake. We make a fire (With only what we found in the forest) expect the lighter of course, and we can say that frozen wood makes a lot of smoke, but don't burns really good.
After cooking and eating, we waited to see a moose...but it was not for this evening, the cold made us go into our sleeping bags where we had warm.

After a cold night, we wake up with 5 to 10 cm of fresh snow!
Our footprints of the day before had disappeared we where lost !!

hum...that's how it could had happened in a story of in a movie...the reality is different...
We could still find our bigfoot prints in the snow. We saw also different moose footprints not so far of our tent, hope we sill see some next time.
We walked back home, with cold feet and fresh hands but it was a nice extreme expedition. we survived !


  1. It is cold these days. Really cool blog and very nice pictures Silvio. ;Dag